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Stargate DiversiFICation Awards Nominations Open 
26th-Mar-2007 11:12 pm
Carson Rodney Seriously
Just a reminder that nominations for the Stargate DiversiFICation Awards are now open until April 15 for all uncommon slash and femmeslash pairings and threesomes/moresomes in Stargate: Atlantis and SGA/SG1 crossovers (at this time, this would involve pretty much anyone but McKay/Sheppard). Please, get your nominations in earlier rather than later as this assures that 1) you remember to do it and 2) the award moderators aren't inundated with everything at the last minute.

Please review the FAQ and Nomination Rules before making nominations. There are three separate posts for nominations-- one for m/m slash, one for femmeslash, and one for threesomes/moresomes. All comments in these posts are screened. Go to the comm, sgdiverse_award, and scroll down to find the relevant post to comment for your nominations.
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